Recommended Saturday Show: Micachu & The Shapes, Beach Fossils, Holiday Shores, and Moonmen on the Moon, Man at Bruar Falls

This is one of those ridiculous, blow your mind shows that has only come together through a lucky series of extenuating circumstances.  It’s Bruar Fall’s one year anniversary of existing, and they were throwing a show with German Measles and some other surprise guest in celebration.  Okay, that’s cool.  But then there was unfortunately a death in someone from German Measles’ family, so they were out.  Then that volcano made Micachu & The Shapes stuck in America, so they signed onto the show along with Beach Fossils.  Holiday Shores is playing a show with Morning Benders earlier, and they agreed to run over to Bruar afterwards to play the show.  In other words, this is one of the coolest shows happening in the past few months.  A sort of funny line-up of bands, it’s a chance to see Micachu in a teeny tiny venue with other A+ acts.  There’s tons of buzz about this show, so if you’re at a concert this Saturday, make sure it’s this one.

MP3: “Vulture” – Micachu & The Shapes

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