Recommended Wednesday Show: The Morning Benders and Twin Sister at Mercury Lounge

I’ve been listening to the Morning Benders’ album a lot this past week.  I’m trying to reconcile the way I feel about it to the way I feel about their live show.  I think the album is okay.  It’s definitely got some mature songwriting, some interesting stuff, but it fails to grab me or hold my attention.  I keep thinking that if I listen to it more, I’ll finally get it.  I’m so perplexed by my so-so reaction to the disc because I thought the Morning Benders’ live show was absolutely riveting.  I got shivers during the break in “Excuses.”  Maybe the people in the band and the way they play is more interesting than the actual music itself, but I really thought they put on a fabulous live show, music included.  And it didn’t sound that different from the album.  It’s a cognitive mystery.  Twin Sister are the cherry on top of this tiny performance.  They’re totally blowing up- just got on “rising” on Pitchfork today.  This show has been sold out for awhile, but you can find tickets for around $25 on Craigslist.  Well worth it, in my opinion.  You won’t get a chance to see this band in this small a venue again for a while.

MP3: “Promises” – The Morning Benders

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