Cool New Festival: Mountain Man Fest

Mountain Man Fest is a brand new DIY festival slated to take place on Saturday, July 24th in upstate New York, right near Skidmore- about a three hour drive from the city.  Some of NYRM’s favorite bands will be on the bill including Islands, Real Estate, Woods, Pill Wonder, Family Portrait, Julian Lynch, Cults, and Eternal Summers.  It’s very exciting and innovative and just exactly the type of thing that makes me rethink this whole “little fish in a big pond” thing that New York City has going on.  Basically, these two guys graduated from college last year and got decent day jobs, but then decided that they wanted to put on a totally epic music festival.  They had big ideas, but no money.  So they decided to talk to a bunch of bands and Underwater Peoples to see if they would agree to play the festival without any upfront agreed-upon pay.  Instead, the bands would sign on to the fest and then they would raise the money through ticket sales and donations on Kickstarter.  They need $65,000 to pull the whole thing off.  An ambitious, exciting, and seemingly pretty good idea.

Unfortunately, they have eight days left and only $6,332 pledged so far.  While their love of music and DIY spirit is admirable, I think there’s a few flaws in the plan.  Mostly, that the fest is only one day long and three hours away from any city.  I would TOTALLY donate more than the ticket price to this cause, but I am extremely broke and I’m not sure I’ll be able to drive three hours to see these bands and then drive three hours home.  I’m leery to give my precious money to something that seems like it may or may not happen.  Still, if it DID happen, I probably would end up going.  And having a great time.

I see the impracticalities in my own donation hesitations, but I so desperately want this to happen.  It’s a really, really cool effort and I hope it inspires more genuine things in its wake.  I’m curious to see what will happen next week if they don’t manage to raise $59,000.  Hopefully, it will still go on.  Hopefully, a few people can swoop in and make it happen.  Either way, it’s very cool food for thought.  Check out the Kickstarter page, including a video explaining everything, right here.

MP3: “Disarming The Car Bomb” – Islands

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2 Responses to Cool New Festival: Mountain Man Fest

  1. Rohan says:

    I think it’s wonderful you have immersed yourself in so much music, Madalyn! I have been curious to see what will come of Mountain Man as well. If it does happen and you make the trip, you are most welcome in Albany, thirty minutes from Saratoga Springs.

    • New York Rock Market says:

      Rohan! Great to hear from you! Hopefully, it will end up happening and we can both go. Hope all is well!