Recommended Tuesday Show: Golden Triangle at Sound Fix Records

Man, is it gloomy out, or what?  And not just the weather.  Car bombs and oil spills and J trains not working AT ALL.  Times are tough.  Many of us are employmentally challenged, but luckily we are approaching the season of free shows!  Free shows for all!  Sure, you have to get there early if you want to be able to SEE the bands in addition to hearing them, but one of the best things about New York City summers is all of the amazing bands that play gratis.  Since you maybe didn’t get tickets to the sold out Yeasayer show tomorrow, start off your free show season with this in-store at Sound Fix Records.  Golden Triangle never fail to put on a fun show with their tambourine shaking 60s inspired vibes.  Best of all, you can pick up the brand new Hold Steady and National albums while you’re at it!

MP3: “Neon Noose” – Golden Triangle

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