Recommended Wednesday Show: Growing and Drink Up Buttercup at Brooklyn Bowl

Free, free, free!  I am loving all of these free shows.  And this is only the beginning.  Drink Up Buttercup, longtime NYRM faves, have a brand new album out, Born And Thrown On A Hook.  It’s the fully realized form of all their songs that been floating around for awhile now, and it’s very good.  It’s a little bit difficult to get truly attached to many of the tunes, especially since they’re so explosive in a live setting.  Still, I’d compare the album to all of the weirdest tracks on the White Album, “Bungalow Bill,” “Piggies,” “Rocky Raccoon.”  Music that’s out of the box and not afraid of fun, while incredibly smart and forward-looking at the same time.  Plus, it will be great to watch this band completely destroy the stage at a large place like Brooklyn Bowl.  Growing is an experimental, blissed-out (which is apparently the cool blogger phrase to use this week), electronic noise.  I like their new album, though it’s probably not for everyone.  Check out the song below to see if you might like it.

MP3: “Massive Dropout” – Growing

MP3: “Pink Sunshine” – Drink Up Buttercup

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