Recommended Thursday Show: The Blow and Julianna Barwick at Glasslands

The Blow are an old favorite.  Mikhaela Maricich’s songs like “Parenthesis” and “Why You Didn’t Call Me” were once staples of college radio programming, almost to the point of cliche.  A bit played out or no, they’re fun songs, and Mikhaela is an even more exciting performer.  She’s really, really weird, and hasn’t played that much since Jona Bechtolt left the project for YACHT.  I don’t know how her new songs will be without him, but I can guarantee that she’ll be entertaining.  Julianna Barwick is also playing, and her strange, eerie compositions are only outshone by her high gorgeous voice.  I know I haven’t been posting varied content this week, but this show is definitely going to be good.

MP3: “The Long List of Girls” – The Blow

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