Recommended Saturday Show: Dinowalrus and Boogie Boarder at Party Expo

I”m not recommending this show so much for the bands.  I mean, Dinowalrus and Boogie Boarder are great.  I’m a big fan of Boogie Boarder’s art rock and I haven’t talked about them for awhile on here, so it’s all well and good that I’m writing about them now.  But I’m mostly recommending this show because of the venue.  It’s been around since January in Williamsburg, and I love the fact that its in an old party supplies store.  This Village Voice article (also where the above photo is from) explains more of the details.  It’s still a pretty new/fresh scene, and is worth going to now before it either gets shut down or becomes insanely popular.  A nice addition to the DIY venue scene.  There’s also a Fresh & Onlys show happening at Cake Shop, which is definitely worth checking out.  That is, of course, if you’re not lucky enough to have tickets to the National show at BAM.

MP3: “Pig Pile Part II” – Boogie Boarder

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