Recommended Wednesday Show: Mountain Man at Mercury Lounge

I’m a little leery of recommending this show.  Ideally, Mountain Man should be experienced outside, in a quiet meadow with lots of flowers and air that smells like fresh lavender.  Or at the very least, if a city it must be, in a church or on a roof somewhere.  In some senses, it’s astounding that Mountain Man is gaining so much new found popularity.  As I’ve mentioned before, they’re essentially a female a cappella vocal group, the type of musical act you might expect to hear at a small liberal arts college’s bad open mic night (did anyone else see the opening segment of Spring Breakdown?  No?  Just me?  Moving on…).  Nothing is cool or trendy about them.  In more senses, though, the group’s success makes perfect sense: they’re just absolutely, stunningly good.

Perfectly rehearsed vocal harmonies and a sense of simplicity that explores where music starts and why exactly it’s beautiful.  That’s what’s at the heart of Mountain Man, at least from my ears’ perspectives.  That’s also why I think seeing them at Mercury Lounge might be a bit jarring.  I always feel corporate overtones bearing down on me whenever I see bands there; the pressure to impress Bowery Presents or the multitude of agents and managers and label people that always seem to be present at these shows can be overwhelming.  I don’t want any of that to sully the Mountain Man experience for anyone.  Still, I have enough confidence in Mountain Man’s quiet ability to overcome that and to put on as soulful and organic a performance as ever.

MP3: “Soft Skin” – Mountain Man

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