Photos: Happy Birthday and Drink Up Buttercup at Glasslands

I’ve spent some time on this blog disparaging Happy Birthday.  It’s true.  I was underwhelmed both times I caught them at SXSW and again at Mercury Lounge opening for Dum Dum Girls.  Still, I went to Glasslands on Saturday night for the sole purpose of catching them again.  Whether or not their live show failed to impress me a fourth time was irrelevant; I wanted a good reason to cover them again.  I am 100% in love with Happy Birthday’s self-titled debut album.  If you can’t already tell from the nature of this blog, music is completely wrapped up in the live experience for me, which is why Happy Birthday is a puzzling band.  Despite the lacklusterness of their show (sloppy tempo changes, guitar solos that don’t live up to their recorded cousins, and a desperate need for a talented second guitarist), I cannot stop listening to the album.  The songs are quirky and different and don’t sound like anything else around, really.  They have that inexplicable 90s alt rock feeling that I love.  More important, the songs work together as an album.  This post is just a strong endorsement for you to check it out.  Drink Up Buttercup also played, and they were just as wonderful as they always are, which is pretty darn wonderful.  A few photos and Happy Birthday tracks below.

Happy Birthday:

Drink Up Buttercup:

MP3: “Subliminal Message” – Happy Birthday

MP3: “Perverted Girl” – Happy Birthday

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