Recommended Tuesday Show: Wild Nothing and Braids at The Knitting Factory

I know two things about Braids.  They are from Canada and their song “Lemonade” sounds very, very good.  It starts off with an atmospheric electronic riff that continues almost throughout the entire song, but the track takes on a much more heartfelt and human tone than its opening might lean towards.  There’s something in the underlying feeling of the song that suggests there may be some very exciting tracks to come from these Canadians.  Wild Nothing, who are also on the bill, are paired with Cloud Nothings in my mind.  Partly that’s because I first heard them on the same day, but they’re also playing a similar brand of guitar driven indie tunes.  If you like one, you’ll probably like the other.  When I recently saw them at Glasslands they seemed a little nervous, but they’re very young and I’ll bet they get better with each show.  Plus, the songs still sounded great, they just needed more youthful pluck behind them.  Depreciation Guild are headlining, but I think their songs are boring and I’ve heard they’re also boring live.  It’s still worth the price of admission for the two support bands, though.

MP3: “Lemonade” – Braids

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