Photos: Braids and Wild Nothing at The Knitting Factory

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Tuesday night at The Knitting Factory felt like Friday night.  So many of the usual suspects gathered to catch Braids’ early set that at first it seemed like the show was going to turn into some sort of music industry/blogger showcase.  But as the crowd started to trickle in (lots of youngsters, clearly there for Depreciation Guild), it quickly became evident that Braids had the same effect on everyone.  The increase in cheers and whistles throughout the set indicated that everyone was pretty much as charmed as I was.

I can’t seem to find anyone in the band’s name, but the lead singer (pictured above), has clearly spent some time listening to a lot of recent music.  In fact, I heard so many strong female artists of the past few years encapsualted in the songwriting that it was hard not to get prematurely excited about the band’s future possibilities.  There were Newsom-like vocals, The Knife’s dramatic eeriness at times, and a jammy Beach House vibe.  It was fresh, new, exciting, and I highly, highly recommend checking out Braids whenever you get a chance.  They’re playing tonight, Thursday, and tomorrow, as well, before heading back home for a Canadian tour.

Wild Nothing was much, much more confident than they were at Glasslands a few weeks ago.  They took to the Knitting Factory stage with poise and steadiness, inspiring a lot more dancing than I’m used to on a Tuesday night.  They whipped out a Fleetwood Mac cover, which fit surprisingly well into their set.  This time around, the band sounded much more like a Fleetwood Mac than I remember them being, though the biggest comparison that kept popping into my head was The Cure.  Was there always that much synth in the songs?  I had classified Wild Nothing as college bro guitar rock, but heard it differently on Tuesday.  While that particular type of rock isn’t quite as exciting to me, the band put on a much better overall performance, and the crowd seemed genuinely impressed.  Plus, Jack Tatum seems like a really upright citizen, a class act.  I didn’t stick around for Deprectation Guild because, well, I don’t care for them too much.  Photos and a Wild Nothing track below.


Wild Nothing:

MP3: “Live In Dreams” – Wild Nothing

MP3: “Summer Holiday” – Wild Nothing

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