Cool New (Old?) Band: King Tuff

I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of Happy Birthday’s self-titled debut album lately.  Last week I was working at my internship for the company that handles Happy Birthday’s booking.  They’re always listening to good tunes in the office, and something really, really good came on that I didn’t recognize.  It was vintage grungy punk with some modern pop twists, with a singer that sounded so familiar in an inexplicable way, and also in a way that sometimes sounded like Television’s Tom Verlaine.  It was love at first listen.

When I asked what it was, I wasn’t all too surprised to hear that it was King Tuff, Kyle from Happy Birthday’s original project.  It’s definitely its own thing- more classic and derivative than Happy Birthday- but it still has that very playful, classically self-deprecating vibe that Happy Birthday gives off.  I’ve attached a few tracks to this post.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

MP3: “Sun Medallion” – King Tuff

MP3: “Freak When I’m Dead” – King Tuff

MP3: “Connection” – King Tuff

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