Awesome New Album: Melted by Ty Segall

Ty Segall

There’s been plenty of talk on NYRM about Ty Segall.  I’ve had a lot of admiration for the San Franciscan rocker for quite some time, digging a lot of his scuzzy garage songs, though not particularly blown away by him at SXSW.  I liked Lemons last year, but it didn’t make my end of year lists.  Still, it always seemed like there was something special about him- you could sense it there- but nothing was quite separating him from his musical peers.

This album though, this album feels like he’s really truly and finally arrived to where he ought to be.  Melted isn’t all that different from past Segall releases, but it works wonderfully as a set of songs, some of which are incredibly memorable.  It’s an album, album.  It feels good listening to it as a whole, like a little treasure you get to keep for yourself, the way albums used to feel before Internet singles ruined them.  One tangible difference on Melted is that Segall has perfected the old school jam-out.  Two of the stand-out tracks, “Casesar,” and “Sad Fuzz” melt into nostalgic jams on pre-punk 70s riffs.  There’s something comfortingly classic rock to this album, much in the same vein as Alex Bleeker tunes.  For all the punk and post-punk worshipping we’ve done over the past decade or so, it’s good to hear bands going back a few years further and combining the old with the even older.  There’s a lot of blues in the guitar solos, which also unites it with a late 60s rock and roll vibe in the most enchanting way.  These songs are like a bowl of rock and roll chicken soup, but with an exciting, new spice added in.

There’s also a fair share of weirdo songs on Melted.  “Mike D’s Coke” is a chanty tangent that serves to further endear you to the album through its vaguely carnivalesque strangeness.  On the other hand, many of the songs are about about girls and love and more girls.  Segall is a figure that people can really get behind- a hard-working songwriter who’s been around the block without having ever garnered too much success.  Now we’ve finally got an album to really rally around him with.  Sure, it’s another garage record for the history pages, but Segall proves with Melted that working at something a lot for a long time really does make you better at it.

MP3: “Caesar” – Ty Segall

MP3: “Sad Fuzz” – Ty Segall

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