Recommended Thursday Show: Conversion Party, Golden Girls, and Radical Dads at Glasslands

Golden Girls sure had some good timing on that name.  With certain recent oldies but goodies getting massive play on shows like Saturday Night Live, it definitely can’t hurt to have such an apropos moniker.  The last time they played a stretch of shows in the city (they’re from Massachusetts), they caused a definite stir amongst some of the better music blogs, and it’s only a matter of time before their earnest, late 90s influenced college rock starts garnering some serious hype.

It’s actually Conversion Party’s CD release show.  I can’t even find a track of theirs to download, but I really like what I hear on their MySpace.  Check out the song “In the Mountains.”  It’s got a Cymbals Eat Guitars scope to it, a jaunty Belle & Sebastian rhythm, and a Walkmen feel in the songwriting.  I am sufficiently intrigued to recommend this show on this band alone.  Still, also make sure to check out Radical Dad’s MySpace while you’re at it.  In addition to having a really great band name, they sound like a pretty typical breed of Brooklyn lo-fi garage band, but I definitely like the songs that they have up.  I think this will be the kind of show where in a year you’ll be able to say that you were there when to all of your friends.  Go and check it out.  It should be a solid Thursday night.

MP3: “Newports” – Golden Girls

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  1. Most excellent blog post of the highest order! Perhaps we will see you tonight? You can listen to more of Conversion Party’s upcoming record at Thanks for the love.

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