Recommended Saturday Show: Pocahaunted and Prince Rama at Glasslands

Pocahaunted.  Originally a duo with Bethany of Best Coast and Amanda Brown, Bethany dropped out when everyone was all saying, “Oh my god, they’re like, these two women who are making drone music, isn’t that special and quaint?”  And then Bethany said, “Eff that,” so she left to do Best Coast and Brown continued to do Pocahaunted, and now both are being taken very seriously, on levels of human being rather than “those two girls.”  Therefore, as a project, I find Pocahaunted to be pretty exciting.  The music is interesting, too, of course.  You’re not going to enjoy this show if you’re looking for a pop-filled Saturday night dance party, but if you’re looking for some new and innovative stuff that will still go down easy, then Glasslands is the place to be.  I like Pocahaunted.  I also like Prince Rama.  Take a listen to their MySpace.  They’re like the Lexie Mountain Boys except with actual boys and a tiny, tiny bit of Tim Waits thrown in there, somehow.  Tiny.  Also not for the faint of heart, but really, really cool.

MP3: “Save Yrself (It’s Nice)” – Pocahaunted

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