Photos (for Impose): Jacuzzi Boys, K Holes, Xray Eyeballs, and Shingles at Cake Shop

More photos!  Like I said, I’ve been pretty behind this week with my posts, but this should just about catch us up.  It began as a quiet Sunday evening in the basement of Cake Shop.  I walked in to Shingles’ set, a meandering three piece producing sloppy, angular, college rock.  I have absolutely no idea whether this is true, but the guitar player looked pretty young, and the bassist and drummer looked like they were his dad and uncle.  Which, at least if that’s even remotely the case, was kind of adorable.

Xray Eyeballs were up next.  No surprises, they pulled out a set of skilled retro rock and looked damn good while doing it.  The keys/organ that drone underneath all of their songs give them their own extra special sound.  This particular show didn’t have nearly as much energy as the last time I saw them at Death By Audio, but Mr. Charles Decker was also at this show and gave them his official seal of approval, so you know they were still good.

K Holes excited me.  Sharing a few members with Xray Eyeballs and Golden Triangle (and apparently Black Lips?  But who?), they stole bass parts and guitar lines and vocal styles from punk, soul, drone, and free jazz.  They reminded me most of X Ray Spex, but mostly in their exuberance and saxophone player.  Maybe throw in some dark Lou Reed, Metal Machine Music or other such droning 70s New York type thing.  The chemistry between all of the band members is pretty astounding.  Between the saxophonist off to the side, the determined guitar player, too cool for school bassist, and their hip-shaking lead singer, they’ve really got something going that’s very fun to watch.  My companions didn’t care for the over the top and sexualized  singer, but I was comfortable with the gender dynamics, if only because the women outnumbered the men.  It’s a fine line the band is walking with all that jazz, but that’s another reason they’re exciting.

Jacuzzi Boys were a lot of fun, skilled punk rockers from Miami who write compact, tight punk songs.  They didn’t really have any defining features that stood out for me, but the sizable crowd (especially for a Sunday) seemed to be having a really good time taking them in.  You can check out my pictures from the show here over at Impose.

MP3: “Smells Dead” – Jacuzzi Boys

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