Recommended Friday Show: Ducktails, Wild Nothing, Velvet Davenport, and Woodsman at Monster Island Basement


Brace yourselves.  New York City is packing an entire season’s worth of music into the next week.  There are at least five different totally worthy shows this Friday night, eight more on Saturday, and starting next Thursday, a ridiculously exciting Northside Festival weekend.  Was the lineup this good or extensive last year?  I certainly don’t remember it being so.  Either way, rest up where you can on Monday-Wednesday, because you’re going to want to spend every night this weekend and next out at a show.

I’ve talked enough about Wild Nothing recently (yesterday) and Ducktails in the past on this blog for you to get their basic jist.  The 80s synth rockers and the 80s mall music noise rocker would be enough of a bill on their own.  But throw in Velvet Davenport and Woodsman?  You’ve got Friday night gold.

I’ve blogged about Velvet Davenport before.  Here’s what I said: “Next up is a track from Velvet Davenport, from the excellent city of Minneapolis.  I first heard about this band from the excellent blog, Microphone Memory Emotion, which you should visit by clicking the link on the right.  ”Drop” starts off with a George Harrison sitar-y riff (I’m on a Beatles kick tonight, I guess), but then comes in with some Lou Reed-but-more-folksy “Venus In Furs” type vocals (maybe that’s where the Velvet in their name comes from).  There’s interesting layers of sound happening on this track, and I’m very fond of the percussion.  Can’t wait to check these guys live.”

I’m finally getting my wish to see them live.  I feel really good vibes coming from these guys, so go see them now so you can get in on the ground floor.  Woodsman, too, are being blogged about all over the place, and definitely fit in more with the Ducktails portion of the evening.  Dreamy, atmospheric, blah, blah, blah, they’re part of a fantastic lineup that will surely draw out some of the better people-watching anywhere in this whole city Friday night.

MP3: “Drop” – Velvet Davenport

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