Recommended Saturday Show: Eddy Current Suppression Ring at Death By Audio

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

I can’t believe I’ve never written anything about this band before.  There’s a lot of good stuff going on Saturday: Frog Eyes and Beach Fossils at Mercury Lounge, Darlings and Oberhofer at Crest Hardware, and don’t discount Reigning Sound at South Paw.  But Australian rockers Eddy Current Suppression Ring win out.  They got really big in Australia around 2008, but then Goner put out their records in the US a year or so later.  That’s when I heard them and immediately fell into deep like.  They’re just punk rockers, but the albums have a straight-forwardness to them, a direct sonic assault approach that makes you love the band for their simplicity.  They just played at Cake Shop, and I heard reports from Twitter that it was pretty insane.  I can only imagine that this Death By Audio show will be the same.

MP3: “Anxiety” – Eddy Current Suppression Ring

MP3: “Get Up Morning” – Eddy Current Suppression Ring

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