Photos: Woodsman, Velvet Davenport, and Wild Nothing at Monster Island Basement

It was hot.  Monster Island Basement was packed for this show, and every body that trickled into the venue seemed to bring another degree of heat and humidity to the buzzing crowd.  When Woodsman played first, the air was bearable, but by the time Wild Nothing took to the stage you could feel the entire room suffocating your skin.  You could tell everyone wanted to dance, but it was too hot to move.  Aside from the heat, I was delighted by Woodsman.  There’s a lot of psychedelic noodling in their live act, and their duo of drums in the back and the duo of guitars up front were presented so skillfully that it never got boring.  I think as they progress as a live act they’ll want to watch out for the Mogwai effect (really great instrumentals with tons of build that ends up getting awfully repetitive), but a very promising young act for sure.

Velvet Davenport played with all of their percussion off a laptop.  I think the songs are still good, but the guitars and vocals were out of sync with the recordings, and I’m sorry to say that it didn’t come off very well.  Wild Nothing were 80s tastically great, just as good as the Knitting Factory show, but a whole lot sweatier.  I’m sorry to say that I didn’t make it for Ducktails, who apparently played with a full band and were pretty great.


Velvet Davenport:

Wild Nothing:

MP3: “When the Morning Comes” – Woodsman

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