Photos: Northside Part I

Stephen Pope

Wavves.  Wavves, Wavves, Wavves, Wavves, Wavves.  Are you really dating Best Coast or is it all just a publicity stunt?  Why exactly did you sign to Mountain Dew Records?  And are you flat-ironing your hair now?  It kind of looks like you are.  So many questions.  One resounding answer.  A pretty sweet rock and roll show.  While it’s eerie to see Pope and Hayes backing Wavves, saying things like, “We taught him how to be a punk,” when only a few months ago they were quitting the band of one of the actual last true punks, only to have him die weeks later, they are a damn fine rhythm section.  The threesome has clearly practiced quite a lot since their awful Brooklyn Bowl gig (they did, in fact, cut a record in that time), but I still think the best version of Wavves I’ve seen was with Zach Hill.  There’s always a lot to say about Wavves, but I’ll keep this brief since it’s so belated.  This show at the Knitting Factory was immensely fun, with a ridiculous amount of stage-diving and Pete and Pete theme songs.  Hayes’ stage banter was cuter and less offensive this time around, which seemed to signal that the band had finally jelled.  And Nathan Williams himself?  He seemed coolly unaffected by it all, kicking out the jams and surfing along with his guitar out into the crowd.

Cloud Nothings played a fantastic set.  At first I thought their drummer was rushing, but as their set wore on it quickly became apparent that they planned to play their songs as fast as they humanly could.  A lot of the pop intricacies were lost, but it sure made for a fun show.  It was my first time watching Dom, and I generally liked them.  Their songs seemed to drift between 60s surf-style garage rock tunes and more 80s synth inspired ones.  I’m sure you could guess which ones I favored, but I’ll spend a little more time with this band before dispensing my final judgement.  They’re worth checking out, at least, with a reservedly interesting frontman.



Cloud Nothings:




Wavves Stage Dive

Wavves Knitting Factory

MP3: “Even If It Worked Out” – Cloud Nothings

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