Recommended Thursday Show: Beach Fossils, Woven Bones, and The Beets at Bruar Falls

The Beets

This show should feel like coming home.  I haven’t done a Recommended show post in several days, but that’s because I didn’t really feel like there was anything worth your time.  My Sunday at Northside led me from one disappointing musical moment to another (so many bad bands!), that I fell into a bit of a musical depression (I don’t think I’ll even post the photos I took of the bands- I’d want to be way, way too mean).  There’s nothing like a Brooklyn lovin’ night of Beach Fossils and The Beets to pull you out of any funk, though.  Woven Bones are, of course, not from Brooklyn but from Austin, Texas.  They’re another excellent reverb-laden nouveaux punk act; I’d compare them to JEFF The Brotherhood- they tend towards the heavy in a similar way.  And I hear Dee Dee Ramone bass lines all over the place in their songs.  They’re a good complement to the usual Brooklyn lineup, and I highly recommend you spend your Thursday night at Bruar Falls.

MP3: “Your Way With My Life” – Woven Bones

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