Recommended Wednesday Show: Black Dice, Growing, and Wolf Eyes at Secret Project Robot


Holy electronic noise bands!  Secret Project Robot, which is that art gallery right near Monster Island Basement, is hosting a night of ambient, drone, what have you noise music. If you’re looking for a nice evening of fun indie pop or are bummed because you couldn’t afford Lady Gaga tickets, then this show is NOT for you.  Still, Black Dice are probably my fave electro-noise act, and I think that anyone who gives them a chance will at least find their music interesting and worthwhile.  The cover of their 2009 album, Repo, depicts a bunch of colorful splotches of shiny, dripping nail polish.  This is also an accurate representation of their sound.  Growing (pictured above) have a brand new album out called Pumps! It’s glitchy and swirly and all those other usual words usual bloggers use to describe bands in genres that they don’t actually know all that much about.  In other words, it’s pretty cool stuff.  I’m not the biggest fan of Wolf Eyes, but you can check out their stuff here.  There’s only a very limited number of tickets for this show, so make sure to grab them tomorrow here.

MP3: “Hormone” – Growing

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