Photos: Yellow Fever, Pterodactyl, Dream Diary, and The Numerators at Cake Shop

Numerators band

It was a nice Thursday at Cake Shop- lots of good vibes to go around.  I think people from Austin just generally know how to have a nice, laid back time, and how to be nice to each other.  Yellow Fever brought all that, plus their excellent tunes with them from Texas.  They played a concise, short set full of satisfying songs.  The beauty of Yellow Fever is their mastery of thirds.  Their sparse, dueling guitar and keyboard parts often reside in this interval, and become irresistibly catchy in the way they slide up to that second note.  The genius of the songs also lie in the spaces.  The drummer deserves full credit for a perfectly matched sparse style.  The band always remind me of Micachu and The Shapes whenever I see them- same sort of quirky, memorable songwriting.  I think they have the potential to become very successful, but I’m wondering how their show will translate to places like Bowery or Music Hall.  Will they be able to fill the space?  I hope we get to find out soon.

The Numerators started the show.  I wasn’t sure what to make of them.  These guys were definitely the nerdy weirdos in high school who were the only people who listened to Pavement and decided to start a band.  They painted their faces with Man Man-esque streaks, played one song with an iPod projecting a conservative speech about Harry Potter, played some songs where it seemed like they could hardly play their instruments, and played some really great, promising, garage punk jams.  They announced that they had a t-shirt for sale, just one left, and it had a drawing of a pizza-face, but no band name.  Just so you didn’t have to wear the shirt and have it be “like, from a band.”  So does that mean they’re a band that sells t-shirts on the side?  It was all sort of endearing, but mildly bewildering at the same time.

Dream Diary has the right formula down, but they need to work a little more on getting it right.  I was more impressed than the first time I saw them a few months ago at Monster Island.  With guy/girl vocals, they seem to be quoting the same sort of 90s aesthetic as Pains of Being Pure at Heart, but don’t quite have all their technology worked out.  I’d like to see them perfect their guitar tones, and tighten up the solos.  Listen to the track below; I think you’ll see what I mean.  This is a little superfluous, but I think it would also give the band more energy if the lead singer stood in the middle.  It’s not that important, but things like that matter.

Pterodactyl was the last band of the night, which was fitting because it was their guitarist’s 30th birthday at midnight.  There was lots of slightly inebriated bantering, birthday shots, and some pretty decent part proggy part punky jams.  It felt more like someone’s birthday party with a band playing than a concert, but I’m glad that everyone seemed to be having such a nice time.

The Numerators:


Dream Diary:

Dream Diary band

Dream Diary

Yellow Fever:

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever band



Pterodactyl band

MP3: “Is He Really Mine (Demo)” – Dream Diary

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