Recommended Saturday Show: Delorean and Tanlines at Bowery Ballroom


I’ll be blunt.  I would almost never put on Delorean and certainly never put on Tanlines to listen to while I was alone at home.  I’m of the opinion that this sort of electronicy dance music isn’t all that good.  But it sure was a whole lot of fun to dance to at SXSW.  Delorean actually does have some pretty cool stuff.  Their show at Ms. Bea’s in Austin was definitely one of the most fun evenings of the entire week.  And hey, it’s summer and it’s hot out and dancing is really fun on a Saturday night.  So for a good time this Saturday, hit the Bowery Ballroom.  Bring some friends or a date.  They’ll like it, too, I promise.

MP3: “Simple Graces” – Delorean

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