Recommended Thursday Show: Violens and Beige at The Rock Shop


I’m not recommending this show so much on the merits of the bands’ music, but rather on the potential character of the evening.  Violens don’t do allll that much for me, sort of like a toned down version of Neon Indian crossed with Yesayer, but the songs on their MySpace aren’t too bad.  Beige, though, Beige I really like.  Their song (posted below) was recently featured on Altered Zones (so they must at least be cool, right?), and it’s drony and angsty in all the right, subtle ways.  I also like the little band description they’ve posted on MySpace, “Recently our work with color has led us, in spite of ourselves, to search little by little, with some assistance (from the listener, from the observer), for the realization of matter, and we have decided to end the battle. Our works are now invisible and we would like to show them in a clear and positive manner, in our recordings or otherwise, in the lines and tones of beige.”  Maybe they’ll be too cerebral to make it any bigger than a few blog posts, but it might be nice to go to this show and say you got in on the very ground floor with them.  I don’t think they’ve played around much at all.  Their MySpace was only started in April.

Most importantly, this show is taking place at the brand new Park Slope venue, Rock Shop.  As a Park Slope resident, this venue gives me hope that 4th Avenue and Gowanus may start living up to their potential and attracting more cool music.  I walked down to the new bar/venue the other day, and it all looked pretty cool: spacious, woody, unpretentious.  I liked it, and I’m very excited at the prospects of a great new venue nearby.  I think this is a fitting show to check it out for the first time.

MP3: “In Kind” – Biege

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