Recommended Thursday Show: Ty Segall, Royal Baths, So So Glos, and Weekends at Cake Shop

Ty SegallHello again!  After a short break, I’m officially posting again.  Things are going to look a little weird for the next few days, then they’re going to change incrementally for a little bit, then everything will look really great- way better than before.  The only downside to this newer, better look for New York Rockmarket is that if you subscribed on Google Reader before, you will no longer be subscribed.  I’m really sorry about that, but I’d love it if you subscribed again!

And what a great show I have to come back to!  The summer slump is finally over, and this weekend is PACKED with great things to do.  For Thursday, I definitely recommend Ty Segall at Cake Shop.  As you might remember, his new album, Melted, has elevated him to garage rock King so far as I’m concerned.  Check out his live show now, it’s kind of incredible that he’s still able to play at tiny places like Cake Shop.  I’ve also been digging on Weekends a lot lately, and they’re playing the show, along with Brooklyn favorites, The So So Glos.

MP3: “Raingirls” – Weekends

MP3: “My Sunshine” – Ty Segall

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