Recommended Friday Show: Cults at Knitting Factory

Cults bandHonestly, if I were you, I’d go see Ty Segall again at Death By Audio on Friday.  Royal Baths are playing with him again, which is a good thing, along with Babies- also a good thing.  More on Ty Segall and Royal Baths tomorrow, though.  If you haven’t seen Cults yet, their Knitting Factory show is your next best bet.  I’ve posted their summery fun track, “Go Outside” before, and it’s the kind of indie band pop single that should be enough to get you to go out to their show on its own.  A few more tracks have emerged, and they’re all as deliciously sugary sweet.  They don’t blow me away, but they’re good and this band has exciting buzz, so it’ll be a lot of fun to see them now.

MP3: “Most Wanted” – Cults

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