MP3 Roundup: Weed Diamond, The Corin Tucker Band, Ducktails, and The Hundred In The Hands

Weed DiamondHappy September!  Time to get blogging again.  I’ve had a nice break, and now I’m ready with fresh ears to bring you the best Brooklyn has to offer.  I expect to be posting at least once a day, but I want to reiterate that I’m not going to suggest a daily show unless there’s something I think is actually really, really worth leaving your apartment for.  Also, the way the blog looks right now is still an in-between phase.  Expect lots of changes.  And don’t forget to update your RSS.

What better way to get started again than with some MP3s I’ve been digging on this week.  Let’s start with Weed Diamond.  This band from Colorado has been rolling around the blogs for awhile, but definitely still deserve a mention here.  They’re very good at taking a fun guitar riff, destroying it into something unrecognizable, and then coming back into it triumphantly.  In fact, that’s exactly what they do in “Field On Fire,” which you can listen to below.

I believe I’ve mentioned Sleater-Kinney on this blog a couple times before.  They’re that amazing 90s all-women band that once got made fun of on SNL during the Night at the Roxbury skit.  I think the joke was something like, “Oh man, I’m talking to a women’s study major, what am I supposed to say?”  “Just tell her you like Sleater-Kinney.”  Something like that.  Well, they were very exciting and a formative band for me, so I am very excited that Corin Tucker has a new project, aptly called The Corin Tucker Band.  This new song, “Doubt,” has been around for about a month now.  It’s harsh and choppy with the biting, angular vocals I’ve come to love over the years.  Not a perfect tack by any means, but it’s damn good to hear.

Ducktails has a new album coming out!  Good news all around.  This track, “Art Vandelay,” is actually going to be on an up-coming 7″.  It’s hazy, nostalgic, and fabulously referencing Seinfeld.  It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Matt Mondanile, who only seems to get better and tighter with each new release and live performance.

I’m throwing “Gigantic Tom Tom” in as my pop wild card.  I debated whether or not I should post it because the synth part between choruses is a little bit annoying, but I do like the guitar parts.  Plus, it’s got a nice hook, and there’s something about this woman’s voice that I like.  Their album is coming out on Warp at the end of September, but I don’t think that this song is on it.  It’s a pretty darn decent pop song.  Plus, every time I listen to it on my iTunes The Pixies play afterwards.  Always a plus.

MP3: “Field on Fire” – Weed Diamond

MP3: “Doubt” – The Corin Tucker Band

MP3: “Art Vandelay” – Ducktails

MP3: “Gigantic Tom Tom” – The Hundred In The Hands

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