Recommended Wednesday Show: The Do and Dinosaur Feathers at The Bell House

The Do

I guess the Do are a pretty popular band, but I didn’t know anything about them until a month or two ago when their album, A Mouthful, wound up in my iTunes from the radio station I DJ for.  They’re a duo from Paris and Helsinki, and the only reason I gave their album the time of day was how weird some of it is, at least compared to how poppy other parts are.  That’s a really admirable quality in a band, something that isn’t done well too many places other than, say, The White Album.  It’s really all over the map, some ukulele/xylophone twee numbers, some mediocre guitar rock, a few experimental sounds, some balearic chanting, a wanna be hip-hop track.  Olivia Merilhati’s vocal are oddly addicting and sharp.  I found myself listening to this album quite a lot (sometimes I love it, but other times I think it’s terrible), and I think this live show will be intriguing at the very least – you’ll get to see how they combine all these different genres into one performance.  Dinosaur Feathers are also playing, which is always a treat.

MP3: “Playground Hustle” – The Do

MP3: “The Bridge Is Broken” – The Do

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