Two Cool New Bands: Translations and Your Youth

Your Youth

I’ve been digging really hard this week on Translations and Your Youth.  Two very different NYC bands, but they both have a lot of awesome in common.  I bet you’ll like both of these tracks.  Translations sent me an e-mail a few days ago with their second ever single, “Tarantella.”  It’s a stunning little song, just muddy enough to be thoroughly exciting.  It starts with what you think might turn into some sort of Boston-Irish muted bagpipe trill, but then it moves into this low drone with really nostalgic vocals picking up the spotlight.  The whole song flows beautifully, morphing from one catchy section to the next, with some well-placed steel drum songs merging in towards the end.  This is the perfect song for driving around to in the early fall, feeling nostalgic about beginnings of school years past.

Your Youth (pictured above) is an altogether different band.  This is the kind of band that you like because they sort of remind of your high school emo phase, but are actually really good and fresh sounding.  Their songs are straight-up youth anthems- Your Youth is a pretty perfect band name for the music.  I guess I have back to school on the brain, but I can picture myself resentfully pulling up to the senior parking lot in the beginning of September, annoyed but also kind of excited to be back at school, blasting this band, trying not to be a total loser, but being one anyways for not listening to Dave Matthews Band or Guster or whatever it was the cool kids listened to in Northern New Jersey in 2004.  This is that kind of band.

I’ll enthusiastically let you know if either of them are playing shows in NYC, and in the meantime, check out their MySpaces for more tunes.

MP3: “Tarantella” – Translations

MP3: “Awake” – Your Youth

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2 Responses to Two Cool New Bands: Translations and Your Youth

  1. […] Back in September, I said that when new NYC band Translations was playing any show, I would enthusiastically recommend it.  Well, they’re playing tomorrow night at Glasslands, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you go.  This blog can thoroughly get behind True Womanhood and Night Manager, too, also on the bill.  As I said in September, Translations is a band with a ton of promise, and here’s your chance to see one of their early shows, ya know, before they get all buzzy and are always on tour in Europe in stuff.  Check out “Tarantella” again below to see for yourself. […]

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