Recommended Monday Show: Deakin, Prince Rama, Silk Flowers, and Amen Dunes at Glasslands

Prince Rama

Sorry I wasn’t able to post about yesterday and today.  There was a lot of really great stuff happening (Alex Bleeker & The Freaks in Red Hook last night, the Todd P acoustic barbecue today), but WordPress wouldn’t let me log in for some reason.  Hopefully, all these technical issues will magically disappear soon.  In the meantime, you can go to this show at Glasslands tomorrow night.  There’s not a whole lot going on this Monday, but a bill of Deakin (Animal Collective), Prince Rama, Silk Flowers, and Amen Dunes is a pretty great little experimental music package.  Don’t go if you’re expecting a nice Monday night of delightful rock music, but if you’re looking for some really interesting, inventive, and possibly weird stuff, this show is the place to be.

MP3: “Lightning Fossil” – Prince Rama

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