Recommended Wednesday Show: Frankie Rose & The Outs at Glasslands

Frankie Rose & The Outs

This Wednesday at Glasslands is the record release party for Frankie Rose & The Out’s new self-titled album.  I’ll be brutally honest.  I’ve been listening to the record all day, and it’s mostly just reverb-snoozeville.  I might be wrong, it might take a few more listens to hear the inherent quiet beauty in most of the songs, but I’m underwhelmed thus far.  I think one of the reasons I feel this way is that they’re a pretty interesting live band.  They’re fairly kick-ass, I think they exude a lot of exciting female energy, and their bass player and guitar player and drummer all seem super cool.  Plus, Frankie is an interesting figure in and of herself.  So, while I’m not sure about the album, I think this will be a fun show.  Record release shows usually have an exciting feel to them.  Light Asylum, Mirror Mirror, and Pigeons are also playing.

MP3: “Candy” – Frankie Rose & The Outs

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2 Responses to Recommended Wednesday Show: Frankie Rose & The Outs at Glasslands

  1. I too have gotten some listens in to the new vinyl since picking it up at the Grasslands release show. Taking this in reverse order, I wanted to say that I 100% agree with how you describe the energy and interest of their live show.

    As far as your experience with the new vinyl, I’ve been thinking that it is definitely a challenge to have an album appeal to all moods and tastes. Your concern regarding elements of “reverb snoozeville” again you contrast with your positive feelings about their live performance. For me, some of these what sometimes are described as “60’s” cues, are backed up by very capable and attractive vocals (multi-part, multi-layer). The vocalists sound really compatible which adds to a “larger” sound or impression even of some of their down-tempo songs. Track 1, Side B ‘Must Be Nice’ has great fullness to it even beyond the vocals.

    I’ve been digging around collecting some old vinyl including a Japanese and a French pressing of 7″ Mamas and Papas songs. Other than a lot of “reverb” love going around in today’s bands, it is kind of amazing how some of the vocal melodies/arrangements on these mid-1960s recordings could probably be covered nicely by Frankie Rose & the Outs.

    Oh and on ‘Creeque Alley’ the M & P’s sing that “California Dreamin’ is becoming a Reality”. That reminds me that Frankie Rose & the Outs are about to go to Northern and Southern California to start a solid tour around their new album, which is great for others who may not have seen them live yet.

    So yes, I’d say the album is going to grow on your further. I’d sum up with the vocals being really an important reason to love the album and the guitar tone and stylings are consistent with their live sound.

    Again, you are right about their appeal live. People should definitely go see them if they get the chance.

    • subwaysecrets says:

      So, I’ve listened a few more times. You’re right, all the guitar and vocal sounds are all very nice and precise. They sound good. I suspect Frankie picked up a little something in the sonic perfection department from Dee Dee, or maybe it was vice-versa, who knows. But unlike Dee Dee’s album, I still don’t get any emotional payoff from this one. So, it may sound good, but for me, that’s only half of a good record. I just can’t sink my teeth into this one like I can into the Dum Dum Girls album. And I know it’s not totally fair only to draw comparisons between the two, but they are sort of similar projects when you get right down to it. The reverb works for me on tracks like Jail La La, it’s kind of a tough-as-nails thing, whereas here, I just feel like it’s causing a separation between me and the real heart of the song. But it’s been really good to think about this…thanks for the insightful comment.