Recommended Thursday Show: Those Darlins’, Strange Boys, and Gentleman Jesse & His Men at Bowery Ballroom

Those Darlins

This is the sort of show that should be sweaty and kind of gross, with lots of steel-toed boots.  Those Darlins’, Strange Boys, and Gentleman Jesse & His Men all play a type of grimy, Southern garage rock.  If I had to choose one characteristic that all of their music has in common, it would be not giving a fuck.  Gentleman Jesse, of Atlanta, is new to this blog, but we’ve been big fans of Tennessee’s Those Darlins’ and Austin’s Strange Boys for a couple of years now.  The best thing about Those Darlins’ is how genuine their offhand irreverence feels when they play.  There’s a couple of good things going on tomorrow night, but the Darlins’/Strange Boys combo makes this show my first pick.

MP3: “Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up” – Strange Boys

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