Recommended Wednesday Show: Pavement and Times New Viking at Central Park


What happens when a bunch of people nostalgic for 1992 try to make plans a year ahead of time?  A lot of them end up flaking.  Unless you’re not that interested in the Internet, you already know that this is the week of Pavement.  You could have seen them Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and you can still see them tonight, Thursday, and Friday at Central Park.  Even if you didn’t get a ticket to one of the sold out shows last September, you can still go!  And probably for less than if you bought one when they went on sale.  So many people weren’t able to use their tickets, that they’re going for next to nothing on Craigslist for all three remaining nights.  My personal suggestion would be the Wednesday show, because the amazing, noisy Times New Viking are opening.  Also, WOW PAVEMENT!

MP3: “So Stark (You’re A Skyscraper)” – Pavement

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