Photos: Thee Oh Sees, Sex Beet, Happy Birthday, and Fergus & Geronimo at Santos Party House

Thee Oh Sees

John Dwyer does not fool around.  His years and years-long career as a punk of all sorts gives him an unerring feel of authenticity and an unbeatable stage presence.  Plus, the songs are outstanding.  Hard and fast and relentless, just like rock music was always supposed to be.  Thee Oh Sees’ performance was the decided crown on the top of a night full of other great music.  Sex Beet were surprisingly tolerable.  From the UK, they reminded me of Matt & Kim, all upbeat fast songs with pumping keyboards throughout.  Not really the same though, as Sex Beet has a pretty good drummer and happily dark songs that have a bit more bite than the Brooklyn duo’s do. Happy Birthday still doesn’t sound as good as they do on record, but the vocal harmonies were spot on, and Kyle is a fun presence to watch.  And finally, Fergus & Geronimo started off the evening.  When they came on, I felt like I didn’t recognize half the band, but it turns out that they’ve moved to Brooklyn from Texas and have had some lineup changes.  They still play top-notch classic rock-tinged garage music, and the lead singer is a pretty talented vocalist.  Sorry for this slip-shod summary, but I’m really excited to get these pictures up and start working on the Pavement photos from last night.

Fergus & Geronimo:

Fergus & Geronimo

Fergus & Geronimo santos party house

Happy Birthday:

Happy Birthday santos party house

Sex Beet:

Sex Beet

Sex Beet santos party house

Thee Oh Sees:

Thee Oh Sees santos party house

MP3: “I Was Denied” – Thee Oh Sees

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