Recommended Thursday Show: Belle & Sebastian at Williamsburg Waterfront

Belle & Sebastian

I normally try not to do this, but I will say first off that this show is going to run you $50 if you buy your tickets from Ticketcrapster.  Yes.  That’s a lot of money for one show.  But you’re getting some good perks for what you pay for.  It’ll be one of the few remaining warmish days of 2010 (if it doesn’t end up pouring), and you get to watch a band basically on the water with a beautiful view of Manhattan.  Oh yeah, and you get to see Belle & Sebastian.  They’ve been around for awhile now.  Who knows how much longer they’ll stay relevant before it’s another ten years before they announce a comeback tour and you’ll have to pay $60 for a ticket.  Anyways, it’s pricey, but it’s Belle & Sebastian.  If you love ’em, it’s always worth it.

MP3: “The Blues Are Still Blue” – Belle & Sebastian

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