Photos: Sisters, Grooms, and Weekends at Dead Herring

Last Saturday, Sisters had their record release show at Dead Herring.  I was incredibly pumped, as Darlings and Grooms were playing with them, and so were Weekends, who I’d never managed to actually catch live before.  My friend and I walked into the cozy apartment as Darlings were finishing up their set.  Too bad, but none the worse for it- we’d both seen them a thousand time before.  We sipped PBRs and watched the J train glide by as we patiently waited for Grooms to play (how very civilized!).  Man, does this band get better and better and better.  Their usual twisted melodies and song sections, fragmented like a post-modernist novel, seemed to rise and swell to even greater heights.  They’ve written some seriously cool new songs, and I can’t wait to get hear them recorded.

I don’t like to say it, but Weekends and Sisters were both a disappointment.  I’ve loved the Weekends tracks I’ve heard, but they didn’t quite meet my expectations.  Sloppy, earnest, and cute as a button, but not quite together or energetic enough to raise the band beyond some alright drumming and a few good guitar melodies.  Maybe it was something about the sound, but I felt that Sisters’ set was uncharacteristically sloppy, as well.  The singing was painfully, painfully off key.  This shouldn’t matter at a rock show, it’s a criticism I can’t even believe I’m making, but it was just so…apparent.  I had been so impressed after seeing the band at Brooklyn Bowl- at the intricacies of the pedal work meshing so perfectly with frantic drumming.  This time it just came off as guitar mush with drums that were in their own separate, pounding world.  Maybe it’s the new songs?  I hope not.  I’m still excited to hear the album.  My friend suggested that maybe they were just a little drunk.  It was a record release party, after all, the point was to have fun and celebrate a record, not to be prissy music snobs.  It was fun, whatever, I’m excited for the album blah blah blah pictures here. (P.S. You can now click the picture above for a link to more pictures, too)

MP3: “Fag Feels Good” – Grooms

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