Photos: Yellow Ostrich at Glasslands

Yellow Ostrich

Take note now.  Start listening to Yellow Ostrich.  I posted his song “Yellow Ostrich” last April, but last night (Tuesday) was his very first ever New York City show, and I believe his first show with a drummer.  He manipulates loop petals and rhythms into beautiful pop builds that are surprisingly unlike your typical loop pedal indie songs.  I’m not sure how old this guy is, but he’s put out a surprising amount of work in the past two years, including an EP dedicated to the life and times of Morgan Freeman.  Not all of it is great- some of it gets a bit teenage schlocky, reminding you of songs people write when they’re first falling in love or just graduating from high school, and some of the more electronic stuff sounds like he’s still figuring out all the cool things you can do with electronics.  Sometimes the live show was a little nervesy, but whatever, it was his first show ever.  Nevermind all that.  The music at its best is a skillful, mature, and controlled manipulation of repeated melodies to create absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric pop songs.  I love this band, I think you will, too, please visit their Bandcamp and download a bunch of their songs (for free).

P.S. He played a song called “Madeline.”  It was pretty great.  I would very much like a recording of that.

Yellow Ostrich:

MP3: “In The Past I Was An Astronaut” – Yellow Ostrich

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