Recommended Tuesday Show: Marnie Stern at The Rock Shop

Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern, killer guitarist (though that isn’t what she wants to be known as) and all-around cool-seeming person.  She has a fantastic new album coming out Tuesday, and a killer track from the album has been circulating for awhile, “For Ash.”  The Rock Shop is a pretty tiny place, so consider this an amazing opportunity to check out Stern up close and personal.  And whether that’s how she wants to be known or not, her killer guitar will fill up the room the the nth degree.  This show is amazingly not sold out, and only $12.  I guess $12 isn’t nothing, but if you’re going to spend that on the The Social Network, you can definitely spend it on an evening with Marnie Stern.

MP3: “For Ash” – Marnie Stern

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