Recommended Thursday Show: Women and DD/MM/YYYY at Mercury Lounge

Women Band

It’s been a slow show week (hence the lack of posting) but everything is coming back into full force with this show.  Sure, maybe you want to watch the Yankees, but this show is going to be really, truly, musically awesome.  Women put out an incredible, thoughtful, rockingly-introspective album out in 2008, and not a peep was heard from them again.  They have a brand new album coming out this month, Public Strain, and the hype has been ludicrously non-existant.  I have my hands on a copy of the album.  I’ve only listened to half of it, but from what I can tell it’s interesting, emotional experimental guitar wrapped up into little three to four minute love songs to you.  I’ve put my favorite song from the album so far at the end of this post.  You need to see get your hands on this album when it comes out.  And DD/MM/YYYY are an incredibly entertaining live act.  Where Women’s experimental guitar sounds are teasing and low, DD/MM/YYYY’s are spastic and blasting, and their live show certainly comes off that way as well.  This is most definitely a show you won’t want to miss.

MP3: “Heat Distraction” – Women

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