Photos (for Impose): Night Manager, La Bic Vic, and Birthdays at Shea Stadium

Last night at Shea Stadium the rain may have kept a few people away, but by 10:30 a decent-sized crowd had trickled in.  Fortunately, this late start meant that I didn’t miss any of the first bands on account of me wanting to watch Tracy Morgan unleashed on live tv, but unfortunately, it meant that I missed Run DMT and Woodsman on account of me being kind of lame and tired.  Birthdays plays electro pop/noise, and to pretty good effect.  Before he started his set, he asked everyone not watch him, but to just “keep hanging out and talking.”  I think he sold himself a little short there, but I liked that that was his attitude: you guys keep having fun, I’m here to help.  It would have been hard to do that though, he even made me feel like dancing.  La Big Vic also did a great job of getting people to move with their (partially) electronic beats.  This band is smart.  Really smart.  They use their violin in very creative ways, and expertly skirt the line between pop melodies and interesting experimentation.

Night Manager played in between, and while I think they have a little ways to go still, there’s something special about them.  They’ve put together a certain combination of looks and sound and vibe that makes me think they’re on the verge of pushing through to an unexpected exciting kind of band.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s the way the shift back and forth from heavier, very nearly prog-y kinds of tunes, to an almost 60s sweetheart pop meshed with surf.  Like I said, their live performance isn’t quite there yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised this is a band you’ll be hearing things from in a year’s time.  For pictures, head on over to Impose.

MP3: “Lyny” – La Big Vic

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