Recommended Saturday Show: Hunx & His Punx, The Babies, and K Holes at Cake Shop

Hunx and his punx

Yeah, yeah, yeah, CMJ, wah wah wah.  For some mysterious reason, there’s a BOATLOAD of bands in town this coming week, and the city is ripe with amazing shows this Saturday as a result.  Maybe you want to see Los Campesinos.  Maybe you want to see King Khan.  Maybe Turbo Fruits.  Maybe Rasputina.  Maybe Web Dating.  All solid choices, really, I commend you on your musical wherewithal.  Still, you are GOING TO THE WRONG SHOW.  I repeat, that would be a poor decision on your part.

I’m rarely so forceful a show-picker, people know what they like and I think that’s good.  I’m just here for a push in the right direction if you need one.  But if you don’t head out to Cake Shop this Saturday, I do think you’re crazy.  Hunx and His Punx may not be the best ever punk band of all time, but they are very, very fun, very, very genuine, and almost never, ever play New York City.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this is their only East Coast tour date at all.  Chances are, if you’re from around here, you’ve never seen them before.  And they will make your Saturday night awesome.  Trust. Me.  Plus, with The Babies and K Holes, you couldn’t make a better choice.  I promise.

MP3: “U Don’t Like Rock N Roll” – Hunx and His Punx

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