Recommended Wednesday Show: CMJ Day #2


1AM and I just stepped in for the first time since 10AM this morning.  These festival thingys are pretty exhausting.  Luckily for most everyone, tomorrow has a lot of good shows, but only a few real standouts.  I definitely recommend picking somewhere and staying put, at least as the nighttime is concerned.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to go to shows during the day, you’ve got to split your time between Pianos and Cake Shop.  At Cake Shop, you get Prince Rama, Baths, and Marnie Stern (!?), and at Pianos you’ve got Dent May, Pure Ecstasy, Family Portrait, La Big Vic, and a bunch of other great up-and-comers.  You really can’t go wrong just hanging out for the day.

As for Wednesday night, I have to recommend the show at Santos Party House.  It’s got the most all-around solid line-up from front to finish.  Lower Dens, Dom, Marnie Stern, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Wild Nothing, and if you can stay up late enough, The Drums.  The Rock Shop would be my second choice, with Beach Fossils, Blair, Cloud Nothings, Lesands, and Braids, who I really loved live when I saw them a few months back.  If none of these appeal to you, then my only other recommendation if Gobble Gobble and Yellow Ostrich at Glasslands.  If you haven’t seen Yellow Ostrich yet, now is your chance.  They’re so close to blowing up that it’s probably dangerous to be around them.  Oooh…terrible joke, you can tell it’s late.  Look out for pictures on Impose tomorrow, and I’ll be tweeting all day if you’re into that sort of thing.

MP3: “Lemonade” – Braids

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