Photos (for Impose): CMJ Day 1

Tuesday was a nice little CMJ warm-up.  I caught a few acts at Cake Shop in the afternoon, but nothing compared to the magnitude of the “I’m gonna stand outside Pianos in a giant clump wearing cool shoes and smoking a cigarette” that there was today, and that there probably has been for the entire history of CMJ for as long as Lower East Side venues have been open (my brother, who’s married with a kid now, remembers when his [totally awesome] band played Arlene’s during CMJ in the 80s!!!).  Sunglasses were pretty neat- they had a great dance-pop sensibility, but also took a lot of noise-risks.  Not all of them were successful, but I enjoyed watching this band more than I enjoy listening to them.

The nighttime saw me swinging by Bruar Falls for the Friendship Bracelet/Rose Quartz party- two blogs you should check out if you’re not familiar.  Woodsman are great.  I don’t really have the vocabulary yet to properly talk about non-rock guitar music, but I know, instinctively, that Woodsman is good.  They’re a cut above the rest, and good thing, because I got to see them twice in one night!  Micro-Pixel-Rites Part II was at Glasslands, which I headed over to after Bruar Falls.  It was all around good-times, with lots of dueling guitars- Woodsman was followed by Spectre Folk, a similarly instrumented act.  The highlight of the night, though, was Tonstartssbandht.  Their live show reminds me a lot of JEFF the Brotherhood- very heavy, except a little more classically rocking with distinct guitar riffs and a slightly more laid back approach to build.  If you want to see my pictorial coverage of CMJ Tuesday, head over to Impose right here.

MP3: “its only love / sov gott rose marie” – tonstartssbandht

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