Photos (for Impose): CMJ Day 2

Oh my goodness.  Now that I’ve just gotten home from day 3 of CMJ, day 2 seems like ages ago.  I can hardly remember what happened.  Actually, there was some pretty good stuff, and you can check out my visual record of it over at Impose right here.  I started the day off at Chocolate Bobka’s CMJ party at Pianos.  Family Portrait were, of course, my personal standouts.  Those guys know how to build on a guitar riff, all the while giving off the impression that they’re concocting something completely original with their guitars.  San Francisco’s Young Prisms also peaked my interest.  They had a heavy layer of electronic noise backing them, but they had a full four-piece rock band to go along with it.  Very cerebral stuff for the thinking music fan.  Dent May closed off the day at Pianos, playing without his ukulele.  He swapped it for guitar and some cheesy 80s synth.  I really like Dent May.  I think to some ears his music might sound like it’s making fun of itself, not taking itself seriously, but when you think about what an incredible vocalist he is and how spot-on the harmonies are, the songs become quite charming and important.

After that I headed off to Santos Party House for a night of familiar but excellent bands.  This blog is no stranger to the sweetness that is Lower Dens, Marnie Stern, DOM, and Wild Nothings.  Tamaryn also played, but I quickly grew weary of their “willowy vocals from eccentric female over super reverbed guitar schtick.”  I much preferred listening to Marnie shred hard, which seems to be a theme of everyone’s CMJ coverage this year.  And that was really about it.  Tomorrow’s (today’s) show recommendations to come ASAP, and stay tuned for Day 3 photos tomorrow!

MP3: “For Ash” – Marnie Stern

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