Recommended Friday Show: CMJ Day #4


It’s time to face facts.  You have some tough choices to make during the day on Friday.  First of all, there’s some great NYRM-approved bands playing at Cake Shop.  Rooftop Vigilantes, Your Youth, and Yellow Ostrich.  If that were a show during normal times, it would in and of itself be a can’t-miss.  I’m pretty sure this also has free Sierra Nevada.  Then there’s the monster BrooklynVegan show at Public Assembly, which also has free drinks and food, I believe.  John Vanderslice, Times New Viking, Dom, Ty Segal, Oberhofer, Lower Dens, and The Luyas.  That’s oh-my-gosh-are-you-kidding-me-good.  The Impose day show also approached that level with Dustin Wong, Eternal Summers, Cassie Ramone, Dark Dark Dark, and Bird Names at The Woods.  I spent my day there today, and it’s so pleasant- gorgeous backyard, cheap drinks, and taco cart.  And, for the wild card, you should check out Austin’s Eastern Sea at Bruar Falls.  I saw them at a house party during SXSW.  They’re sweeping and orchestral and lovely, and there’s a bunch of other buzzy bands playing that show with them: Computer Magic, Coolrunnings, and Magic Bullets.

There’s a lot of choices for Friday, too, but I see some clear cut winners.  You’ve got your usual Famous Class records party at Don Pedro, and your whole Andrew Cedermark/Family portrait crew thang at Shea Stadium (those guys are always worth listening to).  However, I’d put my money on the Glasslands and oddly enough, Pianos shows.  Glasslands has Guards, Cults, and Candy Claws, three super buzzy acts who haven’t played too much before.  There’s also Oberfhofer, Young Man, and Kisses.  Then, Pianos has the really killer lineup.  The So So Glos, Wild Nothing, Woven Bones, Violens, La Sera (who I LOVED at Shea Stadium tonight), and Lord Huron.  My only reservation?  It’s gonna be WEIRD to watch the So Sos at Pianos.  Maybe too weird.  I guess I’ll see y’all at Glasslands, then.

I know that just listing all these bands with no description might not be super helpful, but if you haven’t heard of most of them before, I honestly think you’d be just fine picking somewhere and seeing how it goes.  You’ll probably love one band, hate one band, and sort of like everyone else in between.

MP3: “Seth No Jump” – Rooftop Vigilantes

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