Recommended Saturday Show: CMJ Day #5

Okay.  It’s the end of CMJ.  You’ve already seen four nights and four days of bands.  Actually, I guess you probably haven’t.  But still, at this point, CMJ isn’t large enough where you will find a line-up where you haven’t seen at least a few of the bands.  That’s why I’m going to recommend two shows, and two shows only.  Pretty much everywhere has at least one band that you “ought” to check out.  You don’t even need me at this point.  Simply walk to your closest music venue and observe.

One thing that I do think you should do is the free BrooklynVegan day party tomorrow at Public Assembly.  There are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure maximum enjoyment though.  1. Get there early.  As close to noon as you can.  2. Watch Ted Leo, Evan Voytas, Titus Andronicus, Marnie Stern, Wild Nothing, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and a whole bunch of other bands.  That’s it.  I shouldn’t have to convince you. Titus and Ted, for free.  Best Saturday ever.

As for the night, there’s just SO MUCH of the same old same old.  Try to catch whatever band it is you wanted to see but haven’t seen yet.  Personally, I’m of the philosophy that hey, this is New York, any band I want to see either lives here or will be back soon.  That’s why, instead of running around, I’m going to go to Knitting Factory.  AIDS Wolf, Ty Segall, Turbo Fruits, Pujol, and Heavy Cream.  I really, really like Ty Segall and Turbo Fruits, I haven’t seen any of these bands this week, and I hear good things about the rest of the bands.  Done and done.

MP3: “Titus Andronicus” – Titus Andronicus

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