Photos (for Impose): CMJ Days 4 + 5

Friday and Saturday of CMJ I got sick.  Really, really sick.  I mean, not really sick, but sick enough that I tried to go to shows past 8 o’clock but fell asleep on my feet and didn’t talk to anyone because my throat hurt too badly.  That’s why I don’t really have any photos or exciting new bands to talk about from Friday or Saturday night.  But I did go to BrooklynVegan’s day party on Saturday at Public Assembly.  It was very fun, though Public Assembly is kind of a nightmare to move around in when there’s a ton of people.  Morning Teleportation started off the morning and were quite virtuosic and entertaining, but the actual music hasn’t stayed with me at all.  Dale Earnhardt. Jr. Jr., from Detroit, walk the very fine line between gimmicky and interesting.  I didn’t realize that they dressed up in NASCAR suits and draped an American Flag over their keyboards.  Their music is pretty infectious, and sounds more organic in a really good way live than on their recordings.  Check them below.

Ted Leo, Wild Nothing, and Titus Andronicus all played sets next.  They were all, of course, very good.  Titus has to be the one of the very best bands alive right now, in my estimation.  They only got to play three songs, but they played them so ferociously it felt like more than all of the other bands combined.  Then Big Freedia played shook his/their ass/es to club music, and I wasn’t sure if my feminist sensibilities should be offended or not, I decided they were, and I left.  And that was pretty much the end of my CMJ.  I think I’m going to do a top ten post in a little, though I’m not sure I actually saw enough bands to do so.  Anyways, here’s pictures.

MP3: “Nothing But Our Love” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

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2 Responses to Photos (for Impose): CMJ Days 4 + 5

  1. michandre says:

    I ended up catching a quasi-CMJ show at Coco 66 on Friday with Tamaryn having to stop very early in the set (3-4 songs only) as police made everyone leave due to over-capacity at the venue. The show was fun, but it made me appreciate seeing opening acts Frankie Rose + Outs and Light Asylum at Glasslands with a better experience and sound. Hope you feel better now!