Recommended Wednesday Show: The Babies, Sewn Leather, YellowFever, Narwhalz, Double Downs at Showpaper Gallery


Have you been to the Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery yet?  No?  Well, it’s official- mid-town has become so uncool it’s finally cool again.  Todd P and Experimental Gameplay Project teamed up to make an interactive video arcade gallery in Mid-town.  I haven’t been yet, but reports all say that it’s pretty cool.  You should definitely grab a few friends and go, play some and games, and see some bands.  This blog is obviously a big fan of both The Babies and YellowFever.  Sewn Leather and Narwhalz are both pretty intense noise/electronic bands.  I’m not really sure they make sense with Babies and YellowFever, but I think they make sense in a videogame gallery.  I can’t find any info on Double Downs, but I do like their KFC-inspired band name.

MP3: “Cats and Rats” – Yellow Fever

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