Recommended Friday Show: Halloween Cover Band Show at Death By Audio

Boogie Boarder

I actually only know two of the bands on this bill (Boogie Boarder and The Pygmy Shrews), but I suspect that some of the other bands are actually bands we all know and love under different names (Freudian Slit, for instance).  The best thing about this show, is that it’s a pre-Halloween cover show, and Boogie Boarder (who I think are breaking up?) are going to be Kiss.  Yes.  That’s going to be like The Coen Brothers dressing up like Stanley Kubrick for Halloween and then directing a weird film that is also funny and very entertaining.  Uh, or something like that.  Other bands will portray Thin Lizzy, Nirvana, Green Day, Black Flag, and Babes In Toyland.  Definitely the place to be this Friday.

MP3: “Bummers Begin” – Boogie Boarder

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